Asha Indiwave Set Top Box

Asha Indiwave is the Digital Set Top Box brand of Asha Electronics. The SONA model incorporates unique features required for Indian Set Top Box market: Asha Indiwave’s registered technology “ Bijli Kavach” protects the Set Top Box against any variation or surges in the main power and works from 60V to 440 Volt AC. The unit is built in with 100Watt PMPO Stereo Amplifier , 1000FTA video channels, Satellite Radio Channels, Full Function Remote, Electronic Program Guide, Multi Language support, Simultaneous TV Mosaic for easy channel selection and 5 exciting games. It is DVB-S/ MPEG2 complaint.

Features :

Bijli kavach adaptor 60 volt to 440 volt
100 Watt PMPO stereo amplifier
DVB-S/MPEG 2 compliant
Stores 1000 FTA V channels
Satellite stereo radio channel
Robust full function remote
Electronic programme guide
Simultaneous TV mosaic for easy channel selection
Exciting games
Multi language support
Software upgrade through RS232C port
Antenna positioning system
RF modulated output
Low power consumption less than 15 Watt