SMT Line

Features :

Fully ESD Safe SMT line.
Asha Electronics has advanced and latest JUKI machines to handle technology SMDs packs like 12Mil pitch, BGA's, LGA's, CSP's.
The 16 mil-pitch component placement capacity with 0.03mm accuracy yields unmatched precision and customized flexibility.
A State of the Art PCB De Stacker from EKRA for efficient and accurate loading of PCB’s to the SMT Line.
Automatic Screen Printer and Conveyor with SMEMA interface from EKRA.
SMT equipment can handle 30,000 components per hour with mix variety of components.
The BGA accuracy is 0.08mm with positioning mark.
Re-flow Oven from Vitronics Soltec, USA, which has Nitrogen capability, this enables better curing process for solder joints which leads to better reliability of the solder joints.
UPS and Genset Backup.